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Sherstuk Nataliya Petrovna, Doctor of geographical sciences, associate professor, senior staff scientist, head
of sub-department of hydrometeorology and geoecology, Dnepropetrovsk National University named after Oles Gonchar (36 K. Marksa avenue, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine),

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Background. As a result of active mining and concentration of iron ore in Krivbass at the present time there are extracted huge volumes of original unweathered rocks and minerals that are unstable in hypergene conditions. In water bodies there take place the processes of hydrolysis of silicates and aluminum silicates, carbonate precipitation, leading to changes in chemical composition of water in rivers, ponds and reservoirs.
Materials and methods. As materials for the study the author used field expeditional hydrochemical investigations at the Krivoy Rog iron ore range (1978–2013 years); physical-chemical experiments in the orientation of hydrochemical processes development, namely experiments in filtration of aqueous solutions of different chemical composition through rock samples of certain mineral composition. Processing and interpretation of hydrochemical information was carried out using the methods of mathematical statistics (homogeneity and independence tests, correlation and regression analyzes), the results of physico-chemical experiments were compared with thermodynamic calculations performed using computer tools, as well as the STATIST application software, developed under the guidance of the Doctor of engineering sciences, professor O. G. Baybuz.
Results. In water bodies of Kryvbass there occur atypical hydrochemical processes: hydrolysis of chlorite to montmorillonite (in waters of 5 tailing dumps), from montmorillonite to kaolinite (in ponds, in the water of the Saksagan river) and calcite precipitation (water reservoirs of five tailing dumps, most ponds, rivers Saksagan and Ingulets up to 2000).
Conclusions. On the territory of mining and concentration of iron ore the processes of chemical weathering are intensifying. Typical for all water bodies in this area is the hydrolysis of silicates and aluminosilicates, which leads to the flow of magnesium ions to water, increasing its mineralisation, hardness, hydrogen index values. As a result, it disturbes calcium carbonate system of the hydrolysis equilibrium, which leads to the development of the deposition of calcium carbonate in most water bodies in the Krivoy Rog basin and changes in the chemical type thereof. The chemical composition of water bodies in iron ore mining and concentration areas forms spontaneously and reaches certain equilibrium-nonequilibrium states.

Key words

mining, chemical weathering, water objects, processes of hydrolysis of silicates and aluminosilicates, precipitation of calcium carbonate.

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